Westgate Street Road Closure 18 Nov 20

NORFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL proposes to make a Temporary Traffic Order affecting Lynn Road from its junction with Westgate Street for a distance of 40 metres north-west in the PARISH OF SHOULDHAM because of AW repairs to manhole cover and frame.       The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) between 07:30 to 23:59 on 18th November 2020 for the duration of the works, expected to be 16 ½ hours within the period.

Alternative route is via: Lynn Road, Shouldham Road, Fincham Road, High Street, Marham Road, Norwich Road, The Green (Shouldham/ Fincham/ Shouldham Thorpe)

(If necessary the restriction could run for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of the Order).

Penalty: £1000 maximum fine on conviction and/or endorsement for contravention.

In the event of the start date being delayed the new start date will be displayed on site in advance.

The person dealing with enquiries at Norfolk County Council is Adrian Stout (Community and Environmental Services) Telephone 0344 800 8020.

Dated this 30th day of October 2020

Helen Edwards

Chief Legal Officer

County Hall

Martineau Lane




Council Tax Support Scheme 2021/2022 Consultation

The consultation for the Borough Council’s 2020/2021 Council Tax Support scheme is now open and can be found at

As in previous years, we are keen to hear views on the scheme from as many of our residents as possible.  It would be a great help if you could encourage people in your area to have a look at the details and complete the questionnaire, and also let us have any comments you may have.

Full details of the Council Tax Support scheme are available on our website or you can contact me directly if you need any further information.  Paper copies of the questionnaire are available on request.

Jo Stanton IRRV (Hons)
Revenues and Benefits Manager
Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk
Tel 01553 616200 or Direct Dial 01553 616349
email: [email protected]



Spooky Tips to Save Food Waste


Guest Article by Martina Glasson

The Norfolk County Council Waste Team

Editor’s note:

We are pleased to give you tips this week from the Norfolk County Council Waste team – and remember: if we waste less, we reduce our carbon footprint – and save money.  Furthermore, we reduce pollution which is particularly true of food waste.

Martina, who wrote this tip, originally trained as a teacher, and joined the waste team in 2004 delivering a waste education project. Since then she has been involved with a variety of waste reduction and recycling initiatives and is currently leading on a food waste reduction project called Food Savvy. This is a partnership project between Norfolk County Council, the Suffolk Waste Partnership and the environmental charity Hubbub. She also supports the Food Savvy Champions, a group of trained volunteers who take the Food Savvy message into the community.


Get Food Savvy


What’s scarier than witches, ghosts and ghouls at Halloween? How about the 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin that ends up in the bin each year. That’s the same weight as 1,500 double decker buses! Whilst most people know they can use the flesh of the pumpkin, the slimy stuff in the middle hardly gets a look in. But put it in a pan with plenty of water, then boil to make a thin broth and voilà, you have a fabulous base for soups.

Here are some other foods you might not know you can eat – from banana skins to cauliflower stalks.

Eating seasonally

Pumpkins are a wonderful seasonal vegetable. However, sometimes it is hard to know which foods are in season in the UK, particularly when there is so much available on supermarket shelves throughout the year. Locally produced seasonal food is tasty and often more affordable as it has travelled fewer miles. Here is our simple month by month guide to seasonal eating. We also run seasonal food campaigns and our next one is called “Eat your guts out” which aims to help people make the most of their pumpkins. Please encourage your community to follow us on Food Savvy Norfolk Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the latest recipe ideas and food saving tips.


Squash food waste

It’s not just about pumpkins, with UK households wasting 6.6 million tonnes of food each year, it’s time to be Food Savvy all year round. Here are our top three tips to get you started:



For regular food storage tips, new recipe ideas, tricks for batch cooking and much more, simply sign up to our monthly newsletter.


Community Fridges

Another initiative that helps combat food waste is Community Fridges where surplus food from both local businesses and individuals is shared in the community. This also provides easy access to fresh, nutritious food for everyone. Fortunately we have a large network of Community Fridges in Norfolk and if there is one near you, please do support them.

Interested in setting one up? Email us at [email protected].

Food Savvy Champions


Our Food Savvy Champions are trained volunteers who feel passionate about food. They share their knowledge with the community in a variety of ways and although the current situation doesn’t allow them to attend events and give talks in person, they can write articles for magazines and newsletters or may be able to do an online workshop.



If you would like help from one of our volunteers or to become a volunteer yourself, please email [email protected].



That was fun 😊 – we will be having many more tips like this from the waste reduction team.

If you Google “seasonal eating chart uk” you will find more charts. And of course, we must remember to buy local foods to cut our carbon footprints yet more – but make sure you don’t drive long distances to get them; also remember that some imported foods such as bananas, oranges, pineapples etc have very small carbon footprints – look at Professor Mike Berners-Lee’s book “How Bad are Bananas’ for the facts.

Finally – here are two extra links from the team.


With kind regards

John W Pennell

Chairman: Well-Being Initiative Task Force

Norfolk Association of Local Councils Limited (Trading as Norfolk ALC)

Our Privacy Policy, which outlines personal information we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it, can be viewed here.

Westgate Street Road Closure – 14 Oct 20




Road Traffic Regulation Act, 1984 Section 14(1)

 ORDER prohibiting the use by vehicles of the Westgate Street from a point 400 metres north of its junction with Lynn Road for a distance of 90 metres northwards in the PARISH OF SHOULDHAM

  1. Save as provided in Article 2 of this Order and whereas the Norfolk County Council as Traffic Authority for the Administrative County of Norfolk is satisfied that:-

  • Anglian Water works to repair a manhole are required at the Westgate Street from a point 400 metres north of its junction with Lynn Road for a distance of 90 metres northwards in the PARISH OF SHOULDHAM (hereinafter referred to as the said road) and:

(ii)        that in consequence traffic over the said road should be prohibited with effect on 14th October 2020 for the duration of the works expected to be about 1 day within the period.

  1. Nothing in Article 1 of this Order shall make it unlawful for a vehicle which requires access, to proceed to a final destination situated within the length of road specified in Article 1 of this Order.

  2. This Order has a maximum duration of 18 months and will be revoked upon completion of the works. Where exceptional circumstances are encountered during the performance of the works specified in this Order the operational period of this Order may become extended to allow completion of the works after obtaining consent of the Secretary of State.

NOW THEREFORE the Norfolk County Council DO HEREBY ORDER, that with effect on 14th October 2020 for the duration of the works the said road SHALL NOT BE USED by any class of vehicle.

Dated this 8th day of October 2020

Appeal for information

The following is a Police Connect message.

 Can you help us reunite a WW 2 veteran with his treasured Kings Royal Rifle Corps’ beret? His coat and beret were stolen from The Crown Hotel in Mundford on Saturday eve. Do you know anything that may help our investigation? Call us on 101 & quote incident number 311 of 30/8/20.


West Norfolk Early Help Round Up

West Norfolk Early Help Round Up

Join in the fun on National Fitness Day, completing your Alive Active Mile, your way!

On the 23 September join in with the Alive Active Mile.  This can be completed through:-

 Any form of physical activity, you just need to MOVE!

  • Walk, run, cycle, swim, canoe, paddle board to name a few but anything goes!
  • Active travel – to and from your destination – walking or cycling to work or school
  • Completing your mile at your normal training session – football, boot camp, fitness class or game of golf!  
  • Residential homes, care homes, nurseries, schools and workplaces to encourage their staff, students and residents to take part.  
  • Members of Alive West Norfolk can use take part using the pools and gym’s.
  • The track at Lynnsport will be open to members and non-members on the day – mums and dads can bring their toddlers and babies in buggies and anyone who uses a mobility aid is more than welcome to complete as much of the 4 lap’s of the track they can. 
  • For those isolating in their homes completing 2000 steps will give them their Alive Active Mile.  This is 1/5 of the 10,000 steps a day we should all be aiming for.

 Tell us that you are taking part!

  • Share your inspirational stories with us!
  • Get in touch tell us your organisation, school, club or group are taking part, as we would love hearing your amazing stories!
  • Tag us on Facebook Instagram or Twitter 
  • Upload pictures or videos of your efforts for National Fitness day and don’t forget to add the # #FitnessDay #Alive #AliveActiveMile

Twenty’s Plenty

See the Twenty’s Plenty Campaign newsletter

West Norfolk Early Help C-19 Round up

West Norfolk Early Help C-19 Round up

Future Care Preferences

The Norfolk and Waveney Health and Care Partnership are keen to hear the views of local people on starting conversations about future care preferences.

The Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment – ReSPECT – is a personalised process to plan a person’s clinical care in the event of a future emergency. Although take up of ReSPECT has started there is still the need to raise awareness among the public about the initiative, and encourage everyone to start thinking about having ‘the conversation’.  Please help us by watching a short film and completing our questionnaire:

Anyone interested can also sign up to be involved in further discussions and interviews.  The feedback we gather will be used to inform a local campaign to spread the word about ReSPECT.

The survey will be open until September 14th.  ReSPECT can be for anyone, of any age so please share this far and wide on your networks. Sample text for newsletters and websites is attached for anyone to use.

Thank you for your help.

Rebecca Champion

Engagement Manager | Norfolk and Waveney CCG