Neighbourhood Plan

Following the well supported inaugural meeting on 21 Oct 19 and at the meeting held on 18 Nov, it was decided to form a Community Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. This group will be supported by the Parish Council but is run as a separate organisation.

Shouldham has embarked on this journey to ensure the people who live in the village have a clear and heard voice to inform developers and planning officers how they want to see the Parish evolve, with a focus on those perennial local concerns such as access/parking, drainage and street scene.

You all have an important part to play, whether it is active in the steering group, dropping in from time to time to share your views or just to respond to the questionnaire and to support those who have more time to dedicate, we are all in this together.

The next meeting will be held on Wed 19th Feb 20 at 7.30pm in the King’s Arms.

The steering group will be formulating the Questionnaire.

This page will be used to along with the village email group and social media to keep people informed, it will also be where resources and information will be posted with updates on progress.

This plan relies completely on community engagement for its success.

More information can be found on the Borough Council website

Steering Group members are requested to email the clerk ([email protected]) with questions for the questionnaire. This will remain anonymous and your contact details will only be used with your permission for Neighbourhood Plan correspondence (GDPR)

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