Shouldham Warren Forestry Work – Temp closure of PRoW and car park

All being well, with the current schedule we are aiming to start work onsite by the 3rd week in April with felling and extraction lasting approximately 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, the works, will involve the closure of the PRoW BR1 and also the onsite car park for the duration, although, we have informed NCC as part of the closure application that the PRoW can be re-opened on weekends. The car park has been due some essential maintenance including filling in potholes so it makes sense to tag this repair work onto the back end of our forestry works.

We understand this will cause some disruption to visitors routines for a limited period but alternative routes around the site will be unaffected and open to visitors.

We are aware of number of trees around the site that have fallen as part of recent storm events and we will be clearing these trees whilst onsite.

Glenn Mulleady

Harvesting Forester

Thetford Forest

Forestry England


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